City League asks to join WPIAL in certain sports

December 14, 2011 12:00 am

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Some Pittsburgh City League teams likely will be competing in the WPIAL next year, but not in football or basketball.

The City League applied for associate membership to the WPIAL for four schools in some sports. But the City League will remain intact and not join the WPIAL for football, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls volleyball, boys and girls track and field and wrestling.

The WPIAL Board of Control will meet Monday to decide whether to accept the City League teams, but the vote seems to be simply a formality.

"We have the request from Pittsburgh Public Schools to be included as an associate member," WPIAL executive director Tim O'Malley said. "All I can say is the board will render a decision Monday."

Under the proposal, there will no longer be a City League champion in a handful of sports, including soccer. Allderdice will join the WPIAL in 11 sports -- baseball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls swimming, boys and girls tennis, boys and girls cross country, golf and softball.

Brashear and Carrick will join the WPIAL in baseball, boys and girls soccer and softball.

Obama Academy will join the WPIAL in boys and girls soccer, and boys and girls swimming.

One of the main reasons the City League is deciding to join the WPIAL for some sports is because two high schools will close at the end of the school year -- Langley and Oliver. Langley students will go to Brashear and Oliver students to Perry.

The closing of Oliver and Langley leaves only six schools in the City League for the 2012-13 school year -- Allderdice, Brashear, Carrick, Obama, Perry and Westinghouse.

The City League set up an athletic reform committee a year ago to examine the possibility of joining the WPIAL. City League athletic director Mike Gavlik said the current proposal takes into consideration some things the athletic committee proposed.

"I submitted some things to the central office, and as things got tweaked this [proposal] is what we currently have for joining the WPIAL," Gavlik said. "We had a recommendation from the athletic committee to move into the WPIAL in all sports. But that's not what we considered our best option currently.

"In two years, we will reassess things, based on our school setups and how the Pittsburgh Public Schools look at that time."

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