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March 6, 2012 12:00 am

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UPMC is telling 3 million to take a hike

I agree with your Feb. 23 editorial "Selective Competition" about the hypocrisy of UPMC wanting a one-year contract with Highmark for UPMC East, a hospital that isn't even open yet. Sure UPMC wants competition, but only on its terms. Forget all the people who will be impacted by the expiration of the contract between Highmark and UPMC in 2013.

UPMC essentially wants to tell 3 million Highmark members, including me, to change insurance or take a hike (pay out-of-network rates). This isn't right. My tax dollars have helped build UPMC.

UPMC needs to sit down at the negotiating table with Highmark and work out a new long-term deal for the best interests of the people of Western Pennsylvania.

Mt. Lebanon

Selective UPMC

In response to your Feb. 23 editorial "Selective Competition": I would suggest that UPMC is now dealing in selective competition. UPMC should expand its one-year, one-site deal. I was impressed with your point about how UPMC only wants competition on its terms like the one-year contract with Highmark for one hospital. Thank you for your insightful analysis.

Our tax dollars and insurance premiums have helped make UPMC what it is and now it wants to tell 3 million Highmark members that they will not have in-network access to 3,000 doctors and therefore will have much higher co-pays. Where is community spirit in that?

UPMC is greedy and wants to dominate the market or even eliminate competition. How was it acceptable for hospitals (UPMC-related) to have their own insurance company for years and yet it is not acceptable for an insurance company to run its own hospitals (West Penn Allegheny-related)?


South Side logic

A little logic goes a long way. However, the South Side Neighborhood Improvement District defies logic unless you want to relinquish the responsibility of restaurants and the city/state. Lay out the logic:

1) Folks travel to South Side restaurants and bars to socialize.

2) Bars and restaurants profit and the city and state accrues tax dollars.

3) The partying folks increase concerns about safety, health, good order and quality of life.

First Published 2012-03-05 23:09:56

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