Super Tuesday pivotal for GOP hopefuls

Ohio race is key among 10 states being contested
March 4, 2012 12:23 am

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Mr. Santorum held polling leads in Tennessee and Oklahoma. His campaign, like Mr. Paul's, was certain to continue no matter what the results Tuesday. Mr. Santorum boasted to his Ohio audience that his fundraising has increased geometrically since his three wins last month and his strong showing in Michigan.

Whatever the results Tuesday, no one will be in a position to declare victory overall.

"I think this thing has gone on and on and on," former Ohio Sen. George Voinovich, a Romney supporter, said last week, "and I think, right now, a lot of Republicans would like to see it end."

But another high-profile Romney backer, Saul Anuzis, the Republican national committeeman from Michigan, said he was resigned, and confident, about a protracted battle.

"They're all big deals," he said when asked about the stakes in Ohio. "You've got to run a national campaign and slog through state by state. ... It's a completely different campaign than 2008. This was designed to be a drawn-out process."

Politics editor James O'Toole:
First Published 2012-03-03 23:19:14

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