Trip Advisor: Cheapest cabin option will make her miserable

February 26, 2012 12:00 am

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Q: I'm going on a cruise with my best friend. We booked an inside cabin months ago because it was the cheapest option. I've done a decent amount of research since then (yes, I know, I should have done it earlier), and I am sure I'd hate being in a windowless room for a week. I'd get claustrophobic. I called the cruise line and learned we could upgrade to a cabin with a balcony for a reasonable extra charge. What can I do? I'd rather not go than stay in that cabin, but I know she can't afford the upgrade.

A: Well, because you know you should have done your research before you booked, I won't lecture you about that. But let this be a lesson to everyone else: Make sure you understand what you're getting before you book a trip. The cheapest option is not a good deal if it'll make you miserable.

But since it is your fault, you have three options: Deal with the windowless room, pay the entire cost of the upgrade yourself or stay home. If you choose to stay home, you still have to pay for half the inside cabin, and your friendship might be ruined. You're the one who needs the balcony; ergo, you should foot the bill.

Q: Can my boyfriend and I wear Harry Potter apparel (specifically, robes) in the Universal Studios Florida park, or do they only let little kids do that? We're in college.

A: I've seen people wearing Harry Potter robes at Universal Studios, and I know they even sell them in the park ... but I called Universal Studios' guest-services department just to check. They said that, in general, it's fine to wear the robes. You might be asked to remove them on certain rides where they might get caught on something, but that's all.

Do leave your owls at home, though.

Q: I recently stayed at a budget hotel that offers a free breakfast buffet. I don't eat bacon, but I thought I saw little pieces of it in the potatoes, so I asked the person who was refilling the buffet dishes if she could find out the ingredients. She said she wasn't the cook. I asked if she could check with the cook, and she did, but acted like it was a huge imposition. That is a reasonable request, right?

A: Of course. Even if the buffet's free, you have a right to know what you're eating and so many people follow special diets that anyone working near the buffet should expect lots of questions like this.

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