Munch goes to Little Bangkok in the Strip

February 9, 2012 12:00 am

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Munch has taken up running as a way to work off all of the, erm, munching.

It's not something Munch really wants to do, but eating a giant bowl of pasta or a french fries-adorned sandwich feels even better when you get out and move around a bit beforehand. It seems like you earned it.

Recently, Munch took a run through the Strip District. Let me tell you, friends, this was not a good idea. Running past sizzling meat on sidewalk carts and through the smell of baking doughnuts and roasting coffee is pure torture.

But if Munch wasn't running, Munch might have missed a good thing.

Tucked into a small storefront in the 1900 block of Penn Avenue is a new BYOB Thai restaurant, Little Bangkok in the Strip. Munch drove past it on many occasions, but on foot Munch moves slowly enough to pick up on just about everything.

Hopefully, Little Bangkok benefits from foot traffic in the Strip most days, because when Munch, Dear One of Munch, Sister of Munch and Boyfriend of Sister of Munch showed up for dinner on a Friday night, the restaurant was completely empty.

We felt a little awkward as we were escorted through the silent restaurant to a table. The space looks like it was assembled between two existing buildings; it's a narrow restaurant with high ceilings and one cinder block wall. We sat down, and before long, music filled the void, although it was an odd mix of heavy metal and soothing Thai songs.

"Do you think they sell the soundtrack for this restaurant?" SOM quipped.

We forgot about the music, though, when the appetizers arrived. DOOM said the "golden crab wontons" ($5) had "the best crispy crust I've had in a while," and the "crispy veggie Bangkok rolls" ($5) and chicken satay skewers ($6) were equally satisfying. We all agreed that the peanut sauce that accompanied the chicken was particularly excellent.

The entrees were equally impressive. DOOM ordered the Drunken Noodle -- stir-fried rice noodles and tofu with spicy basil sauce, vegetables and eggs ($11).

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