Munch goes to Hibachi Express

March 1, 2012 12:00 am

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Reliable Friend of Munch is sort of like a postal carrier in better times, when the U.S. Postal Service was not being threatened with elimination from the federal budget. Neither snow nor hail nor sleet nor roaming packs of wild golden retrievers would keep her from good food, which is why RFOM and Munch have tromped through a foot of snow to get Chinese takeout.

Yes, RFOM is a no-excuses kind of gal. Munch has heard ALL KINDS of excuses when extending a lunch invitation. "Sorry, my wife is in labor with our first child," claimed Whiny Business Reporter Friend of Munch. "I'm getting married that day. You're supposed to be there," said Tall Friend of Munch. "I'm in the ER! I just accidentally sliced off my finger," said Accident Friend of Munch. "Just cauterize it yourself and let's hit the road! Free Japanese food, dude," replies Munch.

Which is why RFOM was the perfect candidate for a last-minute trip to Hibachi Express, a somewhat paradoxical Japanese restaurant that recently opened in Little Italy's business district. It's a takeout joint with a surprisingly nice dining room (but no real silverware). And during our visit, the cashier and the cook chattered rapidly in Mandarin (RFOM grew up in China), further adding to the mystery.

Typical of a takeout joint, you order at the counter. And in less than 10 minutes, our first course was out in front of our faces, ready to be devoured. (It helped, too, that we were the restaurant's only customers).

First Published 2012-03-01 00:09:45

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