The Food Column: Kitchen need redd up? Start now

February 23, 2012 10:36 am

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I've got a case of Redd-Up Fever.

What is it about the post-Christmas winter months? Something to do with putting away decorations, or trying to find a home for the kids' Christmas presents? Maybe it's just that I finally have time to stop and look around after the holiday craziness.

And I'm not the only one. I had Facebook friends redding up last month, and I've seen articles sprouting up on this topic.

For me, along with Redd-Up Fever comes Mean Mommy.

A couple weeks ago I hauled an entire trash bag full of goodness-knows-what out of my son's room while he sat unsuspecting in school. A stash of crumpled Sports Illustrateds passed on from Dad, a tangle of half-finished art projects, broken toys, dried-up markers, chintzy Happy Meal toys and little pieces that belonged to something but we probably would never have figured out what. Too late now.

Several of his long-unused toys also got spirited away to the resale store, where I made $10.50. And no, I didn't give it to him. See what I mean? Mean Mommy.

At least I purged my own stuff, too. A large bag of clothes went to Goodwill. I paged through a year's backlog of food magazines, snipped out the recipes I wanted and sent the rest to the school's recycling bin, where the school can make money and I can feel virtuous.

And then I moved on to kitchen reorganization.

About those snipped recipes: A recent article in the San Antonio Express-News discussed recipe-organization systems. Some cooks have file boxes; others have computer files. Some have gone whole-hog and self-published family cookbooks.

For years I have slipped recipes I like into an index-card-size photo album. I use sticky-backed filing tabs to mark various sections -- cakes, pies, breakfast foods, breads.

But my untried recipes are more of a mess. I stuff them into labeled envelopes, but when I'm menu-planning, this method requires me to sift through the entire envelope to figure out what to put on the grocery list. There's gotta be a better way.

Rebecca Sodergren:
First Published 2012-02-22 23:22:07

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