A Clutch Of Cunning Inventions

March 8, 2012 12:00 am

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Every now and then, a technology product comes along that's so profoundly brilliant, the world changes forever.

Today is not one of those days.

Most of the time, what comes along is interesting, but a good deal more modest. That's the stuff that winds up on my "review someday" table. It piles up, eyeing me and poking my guilty conscience, until I get around to dispatching all of them in a single column.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is: Dave's Spring Cleaning Column.

SCOTT EVEST TRANSFORMER JACKET ($160). Well, one thing's for sure: You'll never again complain that you can't find a free pocket for the gadgets you carry around. This obsessively engineered jacket (gray, red or black) has 20 of them.

Each pocket has a tiny label, so you know where everything goes, and a zipper with a cloth pull. There are pockets for your phone (with touch-screen-sensitive walls). Glasses (with a cleaning cloth attached by a leash). Keys (with a springy clip). Water bottle. Wallet. Pens.

There's even -- I kid you not -- an iPad pocket on the inside front. This may be the first jacket that ever needed an instruction manual.

Like previous Scott eVests, this jacket has a channel system that routes earbuds to the collar. What's new here is that the sleeves come off with a couple of tugs, turning the jacket into a vest.

They're attached to the vest portion by a ring of powerful magnets at the shoulders; you can pop them on and off without removing the jacket or leaving your gadgets behind. The sleeves are a single piece, connected by a back panel. Of course, there's a pocket for it, too.

The only real question here is this: Would anybody who's that hopelessly tech-obsessed care enough about fashion to buy a stylish $160 jacket?

THE POLESTER ($230). Somebody had to invent this: A 15-foot, telescoping, smooth black fiberglass pole for your camera. The idea is to let you take photos from way up high, while you're still on the ground. (My favorite part may be the Polester inventor's name: Jim Polster. For real.)

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