Anti-Flag's 'The General Strike' delivers revolution

March 8, 2012 8:48 am
  • Anti-Flag -- Pat Thetic, Chris #2, Chris Head and Justin Sane -- return home for a show at Altar Bar.
    Anti-Flag -- Pat Thetic, Chris #2, Chris Head and Justin Sane -- return home for a show at Altar Bar.
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In recent years, Anti-Flag has taken its message of punk and justice to such countries as Russia, Germany and Finland. In January, it broke into Southeast Asia for the first time, performing in Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. How in the world do people there know about Anti-Flag?

"That's a great question. I don't know," Sane says laughing. "When we got to Southeast Asia and I'm walking down the street in Bangkok and a group of kids come running up to me, 'You're from Anti-Flag!' I have no idea how they found us. I kept meaning to ask people, but I forgot [laughs]. The culture couldn't be more night and day from Pittsburgh. It was so exciting to know that the records we recorded and music we've put out have helped us connect with people halfway around the world, and those people relate to things we're singing about."

This month, Anti-Flag strikes in the United States before heading back to Europe in April and Australia in May. The band will spend a month on the Warped Tour this summer. On Sunday, it plays a home show at Altar Bar in the city the band still calls home and loves coming back to between tours.

"We were talking about how punk is so dead in the mainstream, but it's totally alive and well," Sane says. "And Pittsburgh, for whatever reason, even when Anti-Flag started, had this cool little underground punk scene that was really tight and other punk scenes around the country knew about. I think there's a lot of passionate people here who really love music and care about other people. And that's really unique, the spirit of that being so strong in Pittsburgh. It does my heart good to be from a city that has

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