New to DVD: 'Jack and Jill,' 'Footloose' and 'Game of Thrones'

March 8, 2012 8:45 am
  • Julianne Hough, center, and Kenny Wormald lead the way in "Footloose."
    Julianne Hough, center, and Kenny Wormald lead the way in "Footloose."
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The HBO fantasy series "Game of Thrones," based on the book series by George R.R. Martin is anything but simple. Kudos to HBO Home Video for having the wherewithal to include a "Complete Guide to Westeros" feature on every disc of the first-season box set ($59.99 DVD, $79.98 Blu-ray). Lesser boxed sets would put such a useful feature on one disc; putting it on every disc takes away the need for shuffling discs in and out of the DVD player. Because odds are some viewers will be confused and will need to access this text-based feature that gives background on the different families, characters and lands featured in the 10-episode first season.

The series itself is fantastic, a complex but not too confusing epic of warring factions.

The 30-minute "Making of Game of Thrones" featurette includes interviews with Mr. Martin, producers and cast members about translating the book to the screen. But don't watch it until you've seen the whole first season -- it includes a lot of spoilers. "From Book to the Screen" rehashes much of the same material.

"Creating the Show Open" offers a 5-minute look at the design of the series' savvy opening credits that offer a primer on all the locations where the action takes place.

Seven of the 10 episodes also include commentary tracks.

The only major oversight in this box set is the failure to include the show's original pilot, directed by Tom McCarthy ("The Station Agent"). That first pilot was mostly scrapped and several roles recast for the revised pilot that HBO aired and is included in this DVD set.

-- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer


• "Immortals": One man (Henry Cavill) can stop a king (Mickey Rourke) from taking over his country. We will never know what it's like to live forever, but we can at least get a taste of what eternity feels like with this film. It's not surprising the movie is so bad because this script has all the depth of a manhole cover.

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