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March 5, 2012 12:00 am
  • Kristin Davis in Lifetime's "Of Two Minds."
    Kristin Davis in Lifetime's "Of Two Minds."
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She will always be known as the slightly prudish, preppy Charlotte on the HBO series "Sex and the City," but that hasn't been a problem for actress Kristin Davis. She stars in the movie "Of Two Minds," airing 8 p.m. Saturday on Lifetime. The movie tackles the difficult issues of mental illness, caretakers and when it's time to get professional help. In her off-screen life, the 47-year-old actress is a new mother, adopting Gemma Rose.

An animal advocate, she became interested in the plight of African elephants while on safari. Ms. Davis is a passionate supporter of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to protect orphaned elephants and help injured ones return to the wild. For more information, go to

You play a caretaker in the Lifetime movie. Have you had to deal with that in your off-screen life yet?

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I'm not the main caretaker of my family -- my mom is. But I have seen a lot of it. Both of my grandparents lived to be very old and passed away at our house. My mom is a brilliant caretaker. But it is very challenging on the whole family really, in terms of how it is shifting and changing your family and what is best for the person who is not well and what's best for your children. How are you keeping yourself healthy at the same time? I think it is something that is happening in our culture, and it is very relatable whether the person is mentally ill or aging. They're kind of similar issues.

In the movie, as the caretaker of a mentally ill sister, you have to make a difficult choice. Have you had to make a decision as challenging in your life?

[Laughing] My personal life -- I have not had to make any choices as big as that. My biggest challenges have been how and if and when I would have a baby, which I have now finally figured out. It's a very, very big decision, and it took me a long time to kind of suss out my own personal situation. But I did and now it's fantastic. So I haven't had to face these things. My parents are both healthy -- thank God! This is such an interesting topic for our country at this time in terms of health care and mental health care. ... I think it's one in eight people have some kind of mental illness.

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