Patricia Sheridan's Breakfast With ... Dionne Warwick

February 6, 2012 12:00 am
  • Dionne Warwick: "I never sing a song the same way twice."
    Dionne Warwick: "I never sing a song the same way twice."
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You once said you could live with him and you could live without him, marrying then divorcing then marrying and divorcing him again.

Exactly. Those are the things we go through. The ages we were at the time our first marriage happened, it just was not what I thought I should be. A year later it was like, well, the guy loves me and I love him, so what am I thinking about?

So how do you define true love? You sing a lot about it.

I don't think you can. It's a feeling. It's a happening and it's different with every person, I think.

I read you have a very productive dream life. Is that true?

No, I do dream, but it's nothing out of the ordinary, I don't think. Whenever I was putting shows together I would and still do. I dream the show in my sleep. I see me doing it. It's quite interesting.

Well that's productive. You are working even in your sleep.

I guess it is in a way [laughing].

You appeared on "American Idol" and also had a successful stint as the host of "Solid Gold." While they are different, do you think shows like that help young artists?

I think it's a healthy situation, and it's nothing new. I can remember as a child watching shows like the "Arthur Godfrey Show" and "Ted Mack Amateur Hour." That's where I saw for the very first time Gladys Knight. So the shows we are watching today, with the competition -- which I think is healthy -- there is nothing new about them. They are just updated.

What comes around goes around.

Always. Nothing is new [laughing].

When you are singing certain lyrics on stage -- ones you have done thousands of times -- do they trigger memories of particular people or times or places?

Occasionally, yes. I never sing a song the same way twice, and that is something that I think is an innate ability. But, yeah, when I do "San Jose" it's not that I think of San Jose, the place itself, but I look down in the audience and I see somebody singing it with me that is the coup de grace.

You have said "San Jose" was not your favorite. You thought the lyrics were silly?

I thought singing about a place was fine, but the wo, wo, wo, I thought, "Why would he write something like 'Wo, wo, wo?' " That's what he wrote, and I did not want to record it, but I loved Hal so very much, and he asked, "Please do this song." I don't know criteria for a hit record because that was my first hit record and my first gold record.

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