Patricia Sheridan's Breakfast With ... Anjelica Huston

February 27, 2012 12:01 am
  • Anjelica Huston as Eileen Rand.
    Anjelica Huston as Eileen Rand.
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You seem to always have found a way to move forward. Do you have any regrets personally or professionally?

Well, tons of regrets, but you have to realize that at the times where you made those decisions -- and sometimes they were bad decisions -- but it was for a reason. Whatever that reaction was, sometimes many years forward you think: What on Earth was on my mind when I did that? I think the point is to forgive yourself and go on. Some people need a church to forgive themselves or a God to forgive themselves, but I think somewhere it is in all of us to allow ourselves that forgiveness and that possibility to absolve ourselves from our sins, our misdemeanors, our crimes. Hopefully, we learn from them and do better.

Do you believe in life after death?

I believe in something after death. I am not sure if it is life.

Well, you have a lot of people to meet in the afterworld.

I hope so, I truly do. Some people I feel are out there, and some people I feel are a bit farther above, a bit farther on. I'm not quite sure if it is something we can describe as life. But I think something goes on. Otherwise where does -- when I think about my husband who was so full of character and who was so full of knowledge and accomplishment -- where does that go? That goes somewhere. That just doesn't dissipate into thin air. Of course the more we know about the thin air, the more we know it is full of molecules and light and speed and sound. Whatever becomes of us, I think we turn into matter of some kind.

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